Music Festival Season Starts Right Here With This Vibrant Playlist

by Patrick Green

Photo: Yenny Yulita / EyeEm Getty Images)

Portable phone charger? Check. Vape pen? Check. Dignity? Nah, leave that at home. Now all you need for music festival season 2019 is a Mandatory Music Festival Season Playlist. It’s perfect for pre-gaming before the festival or the after-hours party that goes on until the break of dawn, or if you just need something vibrant to keep you alert (and alive).

We’ve curated a list of songs from the 2019 festival favorites from Tame Impala, Childish Gambino and Pharrell to Pusha T, The Raconteurs and Gryffyn. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

What festivals are you going to? Who are you most excited about seeing? Leave your answers in the comments. Have fun.

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