New Building In China Just the Latest To Look Like A Giant Penis

Modern Portrait of a Young Professional Business Woman. Photo: filadendron (Getty)

Sometimes you ask a company to erect a new building, and they take you just a tad too literally.

According to the Toronto Sun, the New Media Center in the Guangxi region of China has had a lot of people talking since it opened in August of this year, but it’s not the fact that it’s new or that it’s a center for media that is all the rage. So just what is it about the New Media Center that has everybody chatting it up?

Well, it really looks like a giant dick.


And let’s just say the fireworks show there last week didn’t do the building or its architects any favors either.

Of course, that last clip was obviously just a prankster having fun at the building’s expense. Still, there’s no denying that even when fireworks aren’t being ejaculated from the top floor, the building looks like a giant boomstick. Naturally, that has sent the masses to Twitter to weigh in on it. Here are just a few of our favorites:




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