Oh Weird: What Is Wrong With This Guy’s Fingers?!

Everyone lost it on Reddit this week when a user named Rdelly_21 posted a picture that may or may not confirm the existence of mutants living among us. The image of the user’s fingers sparked a great controversy. This is sort of like one of those games on the back of the kid’s menu at a restaurant, but in real life. Can you tell what is wrong with his fingers?

Two of the fingers on his right hand appear not to have an upper joint. The submitter of the pic says “My brother doesn’t have creases on the upper portion of his middle and ring finger (right side).”

This prompted some commenters to deduce that he is not human.

My initial thought was that this is clearly a genetic mutation expressing itself in this guy’s hand. Who knows what sort of powers this could lead to? Maybe he will become a guitar player and invent a whole know style of rock music based around the fact he cannot bend the top portion of his fingers. Either way it is safe to say that in real life the X-men are kind of lame. Genetic mutations never give people super powers, they just get boring stuff like this. It’s No Bend Finger Guy!

While hybrid human alien baby is or genetic mutant were some leading theories, it was concluded that the uniquely fingered individual has a condition where his fingers had fused, causing them not to bend in that spot. Rdelly_21 replied: “That must be the case! He cannot bend them at the distal joint of those two fingers.”

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