Pennsylvania Man Wins Free Pizza For A Year, Gives Prize Away To Local Food Bank

Pennsylvania Man Wins Free Pizza For A Year, Gives Prize Away To Local Food Bank

December 26, 2016

Mario’s Pizza in Northampton, PA, decided to reward their customers with something new this holiday season: a contest for free pizza for a year.

They never expected what came next.

free pizza for a year gives to food bank
Josh Katrick

The computer randomly chose a winner from the 1200 people who signed up. The name that popped up was ‘Josh Katrick’ – someone who really deserved to get some good news.

Josh was diagnosed with colon cancer in July. He got the email from Mario’s on a Friday, just as he was leaving the chemo treatment center.

“I remember coming out of there thinking, ‘I just won pizzas for a year! That’s cool!'” he told Channel 69 News.

But then Josh – a winner Mario’s found so deserving – gave it away.

“I’ve been getting so much from family, friends, people I don’t even know well, the last few months,” Josh said. “Getting so much love and support… I just wanted to give back to people that could use it more than I could.”

Josh wrote Mario’s back and asked if he could give his free pizza to someone else.

Frank Grigoli, a manager at Mario’s, recalled the conversation.

“We asked the question, ‘who are you thinking?’ and he said, ‘Northampton Food Bank.’ And it kind of, like, it hit a nerve…in the heart,” Frank said.

So, a pizza shop known for spreading the warmth, decided this Christmas to spread it a little further.

They’re giving both Josh and the food bank free pizza for a year.

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