Philadelphia The Favorite To Host 2017 NFL Draft

NFL Draft

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the city of Philadelphia has emerged as the favorite to host the 2017 NFL Draft with the event set to relocate out of Chicago following this weekend’s draft. The NFL had also been considering the city of Los Angeles to host the draft as well after the Rams relocated there from St. Louis this offseason. 

Neither the LA Rams or the Philadelphia Eagles have a first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft after trading up to grab the No. 1 and 2 overall picks in this year’s draft. So, no matter where the draft ends up taking place next year, the hometown team likely will not be making its first selection until the second day of the draft on that Friday (first round is on Thursday night). 

If the city of Philadelphia is to host the 2017 NFL Draft and the Eagles do not make their first pick until the second round, it will be must-watch entertainment, to say the least. Philadelphians are known to be harsh, rude, and loud when it comes to their Birds and the decisions they make. Just ask EDP.

In 1999, Eagles fans ruthlessly booed when the franchise drafted Donovan McNabb No. 2 overall, who went on to become statistically the best quarterback in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles. Why did Eagles fans decide to boo? Who knows, it’s Philly and it’s in their blood to get fired up over sports, but it was still hilarious to watch. 

To say that Eagles fans are going to let Goodell hear it and be upset when their team doesn’t pick until the second day of the draft is an understatement, but hey, cheer up Philly, at least you aren’t Jets fans.

The 2017 NFL Draft should be a good time with Philly fans booing, Jets fans making the short trip down I-95 to boo their picks, and the City of Brotherly Love giving it to Roger Goodell in the most Philly fashion possible. Let’s just hope that no batteries or snowballs make their way inside the theater. 

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