Prince Harry Turned Down By Woman In Orlando, Told Him She Had A Boyfriend

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Prince Harry is back in the news for his coquettish ways with the ladies. Life & Style magazine reports that while the prince was in Orlando, Florida for the Invictus Games earlier this month, he was hitting on a lot of the attractive female volunteers.

Although Prince Harry came to America to oversee the 5-day Paralympic-style competition, he “was very busy hitting on the young, attractive female volunteers,” according to a source.

“Each day, he picked out three or four women to come to his hotel suite that night,” the insider continued.

Does this sound familiar? A few years ago Harry was photographed naked in Vegas while having wild nights at his hotel with a lot of women invited to his suite.

A source claims this time the British prince was far more discreet — having confidentiality agreements signed and prohibiting cell phone use in his suite.

“Before going into his suite, the women were required to sign a confidentiality agreement and hand over all cellphones to Harry’s security detail,” the insider explains. “He wanted to make sure there would be no naked pics taken of him this time.”

Not everything worked out for Prince Harry, however. He allegedly asked one lady out to dinner, but she turned him down.

The insider adds, “Harry asked one very beautiful girl out to dinner, but she told Harry she had a boyfriend deployed overseas and said no.”

That girl’s boyfriend must be pretty special … and he must feel loved for being favored over a famous prince!

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