Rejoice, Chocolate Lovers! Scientists Have Figured Out A Way To Cut The Fat In Chocolaty Sweets

Chocolate Doughnut

Most people love chocolate but not everyone indulges in candy bars and other sweets because they’re high in fat and contain a lot of calories. But here’s some good news for chocolate lovers: a group of scientists have figured out a way to cut as much as 20 percent of fat during production — without affecting the taste.

Researchers from Temple University in Philadelphia have been able to accomplish this task by manipulating the chocolate during the production process. By applying an electric field in the same direction as the flow of the liquid chocolate, its viscosity is reduced. The cocoa particles are aggregated into smaller chains, are more highly organized, and flow better in a certain direction, cutting the chocolate’s fat level by 10-20 percent.

As a result of this research, the scientists expect “a new class of healthier and tastier chocolate soon.”

“The treated chocolate has wonderful taste,” said lead researcher Rongjia Tao, reports Science Alert. “Some people even claim that the ER-treated chocolate has a slightly stronger cocoa flavor, better than the original chocolate.”

The study was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and was partially funded by Mars Chocolate.

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