Ric Flair Said He Banged Halle Berry

Ric Flair

On an episode of Ric Flair Show, Ric Flair said he banged Halle Berry in Atlanta after she divorced David Justice. 2016 is the greatest.

We reached out to Halle’s camp for comment — and they strongly shut down Flair’s story as bogus. Sources close to Halle expanded … telling us, “There is NO truth to this! Halle has literally never even heard of him let alone met him!!!” We’re told Halle is deeply offended by Flair. One source put it this way … “A man doesn’t get to sexualize and lie about a woman he’s never met to better himself or his name. It’s offensive, demeaning and beyond misogynistic.”

Three things: 1.) Who wouldn’t say they banged Halle Berry in the 90s? 2.) Evidence Halle Berry is Taylor Swift with a more extreme form of psychopathy 3.) I’m from NC, and Ric Flair is a goddamn legend and a national treasure. It’s in our Constitution to believe everything he says. He’s in every commercial.

Imagine being 10 years old and seeing this every weekend on your TV. You’d wanna get coked up and dream of banging Halle Berry.

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