Rio Has Perpared A Lot Of Condoms For The 2016 Rio Olympics

Rio 2016

Rio is set to prevent the Olympics from causing another baby boom. The 2016 Rio Olympics will provide enough condoms for each athlete to have sex 84 times within the two week period. 

Given, some athletes will be staying longer than two weeks. 

Olympic organizers are distributing 450,000 condoms, with a 100,000 of those will be female condoms. This is three times as many as organizers provided in London for the last summer Games. 

The Australian Olympic team will bring condoms with them to Brazil. You know, just in case the other 450,000 aren’t enough.

The Australians will actually be bringing a supply of Zika virus-proof condoms. The country has developed a gel that protects against most viruses. 

“Given sexual transmission of Zika virus is of increasing importance, the potent activity of Starpharma’s VivaGel against Zika could prove very significant,” said Starpharma chief executive officer Jackie Fairley. 

The condoms will be distributed through a clinic in the athlete village as well as vending machines for use by the 10,500 competitors and staff members. 

The Olympic Village has basically become best known for sex in recent years. 

“I’ve seen people having sex right out in the open,” U.S. soccer star Hope Solo told ESPN in a long expose of Olympians’ sexual encounters. “On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty.”

Solo says she got busy with a celebrity at one of the Games but she won’t spill details. 

Fellow Olympian Ryan Lochte said: “My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend — big mistake. Now I’m single, so London should be really good. I’m excited.”

ESPN reported that six athletes had an orgy in a hot tub right outside the Village in Vancouver when the festivities paid a visit to the city in 2010. 

The increase is available condoms is likely due to the Zika virus outbreak. The virus is carried by mosquitoes, but can also be sexually transmitted. 

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