Ronda Rousey Dislikes Kim Kardashian, Saying 'I Would Beat Her Up'


Ronda may still be sidelined from that beating she took from Holly Holm last year, but I’m guessing she’s still a force to be reckoned with while she awaits clearance to fight again from the UFC. 

And with all this time on Ronda’s hands, a certain polarizing reality TV star might want to make every effort to stay out of her way. Ronda Rousey has gone on record as saying in an interview after her ill-fated fight that she would love the chance to go a few rounds with Kim Kardashian: 

“I mean, I don’t know. It’s wrong in every way, and if I had a chance, if I had to pick anyone, yeah of course, I would beat her up.”

So, of all the people in the world, including her abusive ex-boyfriend, she would pick Kim Kardashian? I think she might be able to garner a fair amount of support for that choice, but from a legal standpoint, she’s probably better off keeping her fighting confined to the ring. 

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