Samm Stangeland Sold Her Beautiful Soul To Rock ‘n’ Roll

Photo: Instagram @sammstangeland

Samm Stangeland isn’t some typical LA model wannabe. No, she’s one of those real women doing really awesome things. She’s out there selling her soul to rock ‘n’ roll on a daily basis, busting her exquisite bum producing major tour concerts for Live Nation and doing so in an incredibly beautiful fashion.

If you’re at any of the biggest rock shows of the year, you only have her (and a few thousand others) to thank. You can find Samm front and center(stage) looking stunning on Instagram @sammstangeland. Take our word for it.

There’s a sweet shortcut to her greatest hits and deepest cuts below.

This finally settles the age-old debate of Stones v. Beatles. The answer is Samm Stangeland.

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