San Francisco Modern Art Morons Fooled To Think Guy’s Glasses Is "Art"

This week, visitors of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art were stunned with a new installation that took the breath away of art lovers lucky enough to see a pair of men’s glasses placed on the floor. This is a simple, yet sophisticated contemporary piece by a hip, unknown sculptor who goes by the street handle “LensCrafters.”

The sharp eyed curator of the artwork creating such a buzz is 17-year-old TJ Khayatan. He was inspired to bring this work to life for all to see while visiting the museum on Monday with his friends. After viewing other great works including what he described as “a stuffed animal placed on a gray blanket,” the young art enthusiast was struck with a vision. In order to find out just what exactly people would be willing to consider art, he took off his glasses and placed them on the floor next to the other exhibits. People soon started swarming his glasses and taking photos. This kid is the Banksy of eyewear.

I imagine TJ thought to himself, “Jesus Christ, I could do that.”

After he posted photos of the San Franciscans tripping over themselves to see the new “art” he literally just pulled off his head, the incident quickly went viral. These folks will think anything is art and I think it’s great. Take a dump on a napkin and say it is an expression of man’s relationship with food. Put your hair trimmings in a paper bag and say it is a statement on the duel nature of our bodies’ state of life and death. Put a gun in my mouth and blow my brains out against a white canvas while I look at a modern art “sculpture.”

Maybe I’m just not highbrow enough to “get” modern art, but when I read about someone like this woman whose old, dirty bed sold for $4.4 million dollars as an art piece,  I got to say “OK, you guys are full of shit!”

That is the look of a woman who knows she is full of shit.

I’m not the only one. Just last year janitors at a modern art museum in Italy mistook an art installation for trash and cleaned it up. The installation had depicted the remnants of a New Year’s Eve party and the cleaning crew thought they were meant to clean up an actual party. Whoops.


The great thing about this indecent is that this wasn’t some elaborate YouTube hidden camera prank video, but rather a spur of the moment decision to mess with lovers of fine modern art.

Although… now that he put the glasses in the museum and we are discussing it… oh shit! Does this now make it ART?!

What do you think? Is modern art- art? Click here to take Break’s Modern Art Quiz. Is this an actual exhibit by the gallery or just a photo of some random crap?

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