Science Proves Women Are Grosser Than Men, More Likely To Eat Food From Floor

We live in a world now where women are usually the guiding light of logic and health while dudes sit on the couch covered in our own stink, eating anything in sight, even if it’s covered in filth . WELL NOT SO FAST, ladies. Science has proven that when food falls out of your hand or off the plate and onto the floor, women are more likely to pick it right back up and put it in their mouth while men look on in disgust.

Microbioligists recently discovered not only are women more likely to eat food off of a filthy floor, but that there’s also some truth to the 5 Second Rule you’ve known about since you were 6-years-old. It’s true. If that slice of apple pie hits the floor, you have five seconds before the germs race to it. But more specifically, food like toast, pasta and biscuits are more than okay to eat after they’ve hit the floor for even longer than five seconds. They say you could even leave the food there for thirty seconds and still not ingest any bacteria. Regardless, these particular facts aren’t commonly known and it’s officially in the books that 55 percent of the women tested said they would totally eat food off the floor.

See, men are actually LESS gross than women in this regard! It was a close call, but the men have one this round. Here’s the official quote from one of the professor’s leading the test:

“Our study showed surprisingly that a large majority of people are happy to consume dropped food, with women the most likely to do so,’ added Professor Hilton.”

It’s a great day for men, everywhere. We knew we weren’t THAT gross but there was really no scientific way to prove it. A big thanks to Professor HIlton for proving what we’ve already known–that women really are as gross as men. If you need further proof, walk into a public women’s restroom sometime. It’s like something from Hellraiser in there.


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