Scientist Makes Disgusting Discovery After Testing KFC's Ice

If you went to KFC thinking you’d get to taste the original recipe, you probably didn’t realize some of that recipe involved human feces I bet. At one location however, one scientist decided to bring back some of the ice to their lab to see if the location had been dishing out any more “corn” than usual. Turns out, they certainly were!

“The presence of fecal coliform suggests that there’s fecal contamination either on the water that made the ice, or the ice itself, and so it increases the risk of getting sick from consuming this ice.”

Getting poop in the food is one thing, but getting it in the ice is a whole other goal altogether. Nice work, KFC!

The test was made for BBC’s Rip Off Britain program but just because this particular KFC was in the UK doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your wits about you when getting up to snag that second cup of ice.

Unfortunately this isn’t the FIRST time we’ve heard of a fast food chain being a tad less than up to code. And oddly enough, poop in the ice seems to be the lesser disgusting find than these others. Hope you planned on cooking at home today!

1. Subway caters to all kinds of customers…even rats.

And you wondered why your Subway lettuce was extra wilty this morning.

2. McDonalds offers their coffee with cream, sugar…and mouse.

One McDonalds customer recently found an extra ingredient in their coffee. Needless to say they weren’t expecting the ingredient to have this much hair.

3. This Taco Bell offers hard shell, soft shell…and meth shell.

The citizens of Cedar Rapids like their taco sauce a little extra spicy because cops found out that this particular Bell location was also working as a meth lab. No WONDER their food is so damn addictive.

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4. Burger King offers lettuce with a whole lotta of sole.

Three Burger King employees in Ohio were so proud of their work ethic, they just had to share a photo of how well they ran things. Unfortunately for them, the photo depicting an employee standing in two tubs of lettuce went viral and the employees were eventually fired. Hey, maybe this actually made the lettuce taste better!

5. That’s not a green pepper…that’s a worm.

You don’t have to be a popular fast food chain in order to get a disturbing meal. One patron at Ed’s Diner in the UK had the pleasure of munching on a green worm before realizing what the hell was moving around in his mouth.

See, maybe poop in the ice isn’t so bad afterall.

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