Seahawks' Richard Sherman Not Phased By Concussion Information

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks isn’t pretending like he’s shocked to learn about the link between concussions and football. 

Sherman gave his honest opinion on the negative implications of concussions during an interview with GQ magazine. He understands the risks and always has, however, he’s accepted them. 

Here’s the Q&A exchange with GQ:

Obviously one of the big stories in the NFL is concussions and the dangers of them. As a guy on the ground, does that change the way you play? Does it worry you?

“It doesn’t change the way I play. I’ve always tried to tackle with the best form, and not try to always get people down on the ground without using my head. But it doesn’t change the way I think about the game or how I feel about my kids playing the game. I feel like this game has given me a lot more than its taken. It obviously takes a toll on your body and you understand the risks going into it, but you also have to understand that it’s taught me discipline, hard work, teamwork, being dependable, being available, how to be a leader, how to work past adversity. Just so many things that you use in your everyday life. And you can’t take that for granted. 

Last year after the Super Bowl, Sherman welcomed a son. He says that he doesn’t care if his son ever plays football but he wouldn’t discourage him from playing the sport he loves and holds so dearly. 

“So maybe my son doesn’t end up being a professional athlete, maybe he never even plays a sport, but I wouldn’t hold him back from something that’s been so great to me.”

The NFL is expected to address the dangers of head injuries now that the league has acknowledged the link.  

Last fall, a Boston University (BU) study found 90 out of 94 deceased former NFL players had brains that showed evidence of brain disease.

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