Software Engineer Takes Photo Of Basketball To Put Flat-Earthers In Their Place

Holding a basketball hand, POV. Photo: Clover No.7 Photography (Getty)

Despite a plethora of scientific and photographic proof, millions of people on our planet believe we are living on a flat, disc-shaped collection of land and water instead of a sphere. They’re called flat-Earthers, and let’s just say they love YouTube.

According to UNILAD, a 36-year-old software engineer named Jeff recently set up his Nikon P900 “superzoom” camera with its 83x optical zoom and 2000mm focal length equivalent to take a picture of a basketball. Why, you ask? Well, to prove that basketballs are actually flat.

Flat Earther Logic from r/flatearth

Jeff acknowledged his photo doesn’t prove the Earth is round. However, it does provide is an “easy-to-understand way that the surface of a sphere can appear flat.”

Looking at my photos, it’s easy to imagine being an incredibly small creature living on the surface of the basketball. From the perspective of that tiny creature, the “horizon” of the basketball would always look “flat.” Using the appearance of the horizon as primary evidence, this creature would likely assume that they are living on a flat surface.

I don’t expect this to change the minds of any entrenched flat earth believers, but I hope that it could help someone that may be susceptible to persuasion by the flat earth arguments. The few flat earth believers I have interacted with seem to rely heavily on memes as their preferred method of communication, so I wanted to be able to respond with a meme, using their own logic, that points out the absurdity of their logic.

Naturally, flat-earthers are disgusted by Jeff’s picture.

Of course, these two uneducated souls are going to have a tough time convincing anybody of anything — much less that the planet is flat — if they can’t establish they don’t have the spelling capability of a 12-year-old kid. Show us a paper or work turned in by Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein featuring grammar and spelling as piss-poor as this, and maybe we’ll start looking into your whole “You can’t take a direct flight from Chile to South Africa” thing.

That’s something Redditor snowlock27 also seemed to have an issue with.

And boom goes the dynamite.

Start small. Learn how to spell at the same level of an elementary school kid. Then maybe, just maybe, try taking on something like the shape of our planet. Baby steps, though.

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