Substitute Teacher Denies Allegedly Having Affairs With TWO Students Over Year

I have friends who cannot get dates to save their lives; bright and attractive women who can’t make it past the third date. And after every failed guy throws them to the curb, they wonder aloud if becoming a lesbian would help their chances with finding love.

23-year-old Darci L. Lake does not seem very bright, and I’d give her a solid 5/10 – but Darci took what many women joke about after getting dumped, then said “Nah, why go gay when you can just be a pedophile and fuck underage kids?” So that’s what she (allegedly) did.

Bad Darci.

According to Daily Mail, substitute teacher Darci L. Lake was arrested on December 21st and appeared in court this past Wednesday to face charges that she’d slept with two students between February and November of this year. Both victims are students, with one being 16 and the other 14. Darci was 22 when the offenses began, and both students had a birthday during the time of the affairs.

Darci was originally hired through Renhill Group, a company that “staffs districts with substitute teachers throughout the state [Ohio],” however the president of Renhill Group stated in an email that she had been terminated from the company; at the time of her hire, all background checks had come back ckear.

Despite her arrest on the 21st, Darci was able to post $200,000 bail the same day; she’s since plead not guilty to nine charges of sexual battery against the two students.

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