Taylor Swift Now Says She Dumped Calvin Harris Because He Tried To Marry Her

Taylor Swift

Remember yesterday when I couldn’t figure out who dropped the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup first? It was Calvin. Because today, Taylor dropped hers. 

“She broke up with him this week,” the source said. “She gave a bulls–t excuse about her career. He was ring shopping.

Now realize this expects you to believe that Taylor Swift dumped a dude who she knew was about to propose. They want us to believe Taylor Swift did this. Now if Harris was shopping for rings that weren’t on her approved list that she cross-stitched and left under his pillow, then maybe that happened. No details yet. Here’s one. 

A source close to the DJ – whom sources confirm ultimately pulled the plug on the relationship – tells PEOPLE that the split “wasn’t a shock” for Swift because the couple had ongoing issues. “They come from very different worlds,” the source explains. “Taylor is used to being treated a certain way.”  The Harris insider added that he didn’t feel like the relationship was “leading anywhere.”

I’ll let you assume what that linked sentence means. But he was shopping for rings because it wasn’t “leading anywhere” and politely saying he left her because she was a dead lay. Sounds reasonable to me. But that’s not all!

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift’s relationship ended because the DJ was “intimidated” by her success, a friend of the singer tells PEOPLE.  “[Harris] said on multiple occasions that he was intimidated by Taylor, which is why he would not attend any events where she was being honored, or any award shows unless he was nominated,” explains Swift’s friend.

Obviously, not that intimidated in Taylor Swift’s daybed. He was probably intimidated by Taylor’s success after reading that he’s the richest DJ in the world. Maybe nobody has shown him that yet and he doesn’t know. That’s another option. And who is this friend talking to People? Gigi Hadid suddenly has a lot of free time. 


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