Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Sending Nudes And Having Sex With Two Students

There’s one question that always pops into my head when another teacher student sex scandal pops up – “Why?”

Why are these teachers fucking their students? In some cases the teachers are more, ah…well let’s just say they look like they have great personalities and a crackerjack sense of humor. But Madeline Marx is 23 and looks super cute sitting in the back of a cop car:

In other words, Madeline looks like she wore pink on Wednesdays in high school and might’ve tried to get the word “fetch” to catch on. She could’ve had pretty much any average looking dude she wanted…but instead she decided she wanted to bone 11th graders in parking lots.

What gives?  

I don’t have an answer for you – maybe she’s insecure about her high school days and wanted to be the “cool” teacher, or maybe there’s something genuinely wrong with her. Either way, police began investigating Marx after a student made the administration of Kettering Fairmont High School aware of the alleged relationship between her and two other students. “Immediately, the administration began to investigate and also called Kettering police, who very quickly brought in a detective,” Kettering City Schools Superintendent Scott Inskeep told Dayton Daily News. “We have a full-time resource officer at the high school also, and they began their investigation.”

In addition to allegedly sending nude pictures of herself to two students, Marx is currently accused of having sex with one of the underage students in a Big Lots parking lot (DREAM BIG GUYS), as well as having sex with the second student in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Is Marx secretly homeless? What’s with all this parking lot sex? Has she never heard of a motel? They must be paying teachers shit wages in Ohio if she can’t even afford a Days Inn for the night.

Felony charges were filed against Marx on November 9th, including two counts of sexual battery. She was removed from the school classroom around 8 a.m. on the same day and arrested by 11:45 a.m.

[H/T Dayton Daily News]

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