Teacher at $38K-Per-Year NJ Prep School Arrested For Sex In Park With Student

You’d think that for $38,000 a year per student, New Jersey’s Pennington School would be able to hire teachers who don’t diddle their students. 99% of public schools somehow manage to do this on a shoestring budget while dealing with shithead kids who have parents that couldn’t care less whether their kid grew up to be a meth head or a professional panhandler, yet somehow Alyssia Reddy managed to slip through the cracks.

According to Daily Mail, Reddy was an English teacher at the Pennington School when she met an unidentified student with whom she began an illicit relationship. Upon realizing that her loins were burning with the lust of 5,000 pre-teen boys who just figured out the password to the parental blocks on their home computer, Reddy allegedly took the student across the Delaware River in order to have sex with him in a park along Route 32 in Pennsylvania last spring.

Police records further state that Reddy not only gave the student her cell phone, but that she had texted him messages including “I want your hands on me” starting in February 2017. Three weeks after that message the pair had sex in the aforementioned Pennsylvania park. Police did not become involved until this past November, however, and the ensuing investigation concluded that Reddy had indeed had sex with the minor.

As for the Pennington School, a letter to parents was sent out that stated that the school had been “recently made aware of an alleged inappropriate relationship involving a former Upper School teacher of The Pennington School in the 2016-17 school year,” and that “the matter was promptly reported to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s office.”

As for Reddy, she currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland and is being held there while waiting to be extradited to Pennsylvania. She had been working as a history teacher at St. Paul’s School for Girls in Maryland, but was fired and banned from campus after her arrest; she now faces charges including institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communication facility and corruption of a minor. 

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