The Internet Is Going Crazy Trying To Figure Out This Picture. Can You?

We do love a good optical illusion around here but one user on Reddit posted a picture that people are still having a hard time figuring out. Surely there must be some logical answer but no one has figured out the obvious answer just yet…until today.

A group of friends were hanging out in their dad’s basement/man cave (who is obviously a huge Green Bay fan) and took a picture as a group. The picture is nice, with 5 of the women sitting on a couch with the 6th friend sitting on the arm of the couch. However if you look at their legs, something is amiss. One of the girls appears to have no legs at all.

At first, the answer seems pretty simple. “The third girl in the middle of the couch has no damn legs at all!” But that’s not it, my dear Watson. Look closer.

Redditors took out their magnifying glass and really began to inspect the image. One user even diagrammed the girl’s bodies, assigning which legs were who so we could really get down to the bottom of this. And that person did notice one detail that might actually answer this fickled riddle.

If you look to the girl on the far left of the image, you’ll see her top leg showing a little bare ankle. And if you notice that, you’ll notice the split between that leg and the girl to to HER left. And if you notice that, then you’ll realize the pair of light blue blue jeans that belong to “the girl with the no legs”.

Yes, yes she has legs, people!!!

Thank God that one is solved. On to the next case, gumshoes!

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