The World's Fattest Kid Actually Got Skinny (Well Kinda)

If you don’t remember 10-year-old Arya Permana, he was the fattest kid in the world and weighed over 440 pounds! He was so fat (how fat was he?!) he literally couldn’t walk!

Permana was so fat (how fat was he?!) he took his baths in a concrete hole outside of his house!

Hey, we’re not making fun of the poor kid. We’re just stating the facts. Well luckily his family has helped him be able to see his 20’s thanks to a strict diet and some exercise. Now Permana can actually attend school again because he has lost so much weight, he’s almost unrecognizable!

Saturday Night Fevering his way to school.

Sure, in a village like this, he stands out like fucking sore thumb but either way, good for him for losing almost 20 pounds thus far. He exercises daily and is now able to run around with his classmates and has even taken up swimming as part of his regimen to shed the fat.

Permana says he’s excited that he doesn’t have to lay on the floor all day like a dog, stating “I have made many friends and they are very good to me. I also get to play with them. It is so much fun.” Now if only we can get some American kids to get in shape as well. Hurry up, parents, the people of Indonesia are starting to make us look bad!

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