This English Model Took To Instagram To Show The World How Easy It Is To Photoshop Pics


Iskra Lawrence has made a name for herself as a model and founder of the website Runway Riot, which serves as a beauty outlet for women of all body types. Her Instagram page is very popular, and she often uses it not just to show off her modeling or lifestyle pics, but to teach the world about the realities of the modeling and fashion industries for those who aspire to unrealistic body images.

She also speaks to the body shamers she comes across on Instagram in posts such as the one below: 

Recently, she took to social media to share pics that demonstrate how easy it is to manipulate an image online in just seconds. 

She first posted this image: 


Notice the thigh gap (or lack thereof) in the original pic, then click to the next page to see what she was able to do in just a matter of second in the next pic

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