This Extremely Rare 40-Year Old Apple Computer Could Fetch Over $300,000 At Auction

by Jonathan Leack

One of the oldest Apple computers has hit auction, and it’s quickly gained the attention of techies around the globe.

The Apple Computer 1 seen above isn’t just a significant piece of tech history, its condition is rated at an 8.5/10, making it one of the highest-quality examples of Apple’s early work. It can run Apple Basic, Checkers, various applications, and even read from ACI and digital audio sources without memory or system faults.

After surviving several decades of wear and tear, it’s currently available for purchase at auction where the starting bid is a whopping $50,000. Early offers suggest it’ll sell for over $300,000 within the week.

The Apple Computer 1 was originally designed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs to be sold as a kit for modular assembly by circuit board hobbyists during the 70’s. Initially, the idea was to construct 50 of them to sell at $40 per board. Soon after, Steve Jobs struck a deal with a small business in Mountain View called The Byte Shop to build 50 computers for $500 each.

This particular unit was purchased by a hobbyist shortly after its construction for $300. Used for educational purposes, it has spent most of its life in storage, resulting in its pristine condition.

More can be seen at the official RR auction landing page.

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