This Is What The World’s Largest Pumpkin Looks Like!

Not since Charlie Brown waited all night for the arrival of The Great Pumpkin has the world watched with such rapt anticipation for pumpkin news. Well now the long, painful wait is finally over. The results of the Frerichs Farm Pumpkin Weigh Off in Warren, Rhode Island are in ad we have a winner! Coming in at 2,261 pounds, the behemoth has set a new North American record! For some perspective: That’s a REALLY big frickin’ pumpkin.

The champion.

The grower of the large squash plant is Rhode Island man Richard Wallace. In a Shakespearean twist Mr. Wallace celebrates this pumpkin growing victory at the expense of SMASHING the pumpkin record previously set by his own son. Ron Wallace held the record with last year’s weigh-in of a 2,230 pound pumpkin.

Like father, like son.

Both father and son are the first large pumpkin growers to ever grow a pumpkin larger than one ton. Ron told Smithsonian magazine that he and his father have a secret breeding program for their enormous abominations:

“We’re breeding big pumpkins into big pumpkins every year to create bigger pumpkins.”

Pumpkin breeding? That’s so weird, how does he get those pumpkins to bang? Do they use the stem? Regardless, kids will be sure to have a hard time throwing any pumpkins at the Wallace household this year.  How many pumpkin pies do you think can be made out of that thing?

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