This New Whiskey Was Inspired By The ‘Predator’ Film

by Christopher Osburn

Photo: Jishan Sarkar / EyeEm (Getty Images)

If you’ve never seen the classic action film Predator, you’re really missing out. The 1987 movie has everything an action fan could want. It has a crazy, invisible, dread-locked alien; Jesse “The Body” Ventura; and a climactic ending with Arnold Schwarzenegger covered in mud from head to toe. The only thing that the movie was missing was its own whiskey. That is, until now.

But, now thanks to the Silver Screen Bottling Company and Fox Studios, you can finally swig a Predator-themed whiskey while you watch the former governor of California, the former governor of Minnesota, and Carl Weathers battle an intergalactic bounty hunter.

Even though it’s a Predator whiskey, it’s named after Schwarzenegger’s character Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer. But the bottle label contains both an elite special forces patch as well as the crosshairs of the predator itself. Also, in case you were wondering, the bottle contains the famous line “Get to the chopper.”

Sadly, you can’t purchase this limited-edition, highly prized whiskey at your local liquor store. You have to visit the official website to reserve a bottle for $34.99.

The whiskey is purported to have “full-bodied flavor and hints of vanilla, coconut, and bergamot,” according to the Silver Screen Instagram account. But, since the website contains no details about where this bourbon whiskey came from, who really knows what the flavor profile will be. Also, does that really matter to you old-school Predator fans? Probably not. It will probably sell well regardless of what it tastes like.

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