Tom Hiddleston’s In A Waking Nightmare From Which There Is No Escape

Tom Hiddleston

Less than a month after ending her “magical relationship” with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift created magic again with staged photos to tell everybody she was dating Tom Hiddleston. Immediately, Tom Hiddleston was summoned to NYC in Taylor’s private jet and wasn’t allowed to go anywhere unless her chauffeur took him. As part of the promotional clause in his contract, he was forced to pose in his underwear for W Magazine. And we’re only 6 days in. 

Flash forward to last night, where she drug him to Nashville to attend her best friend’s (Selena Gomez) concert. People had a full write up less than an hour later. 

Now remember, we’re 6 days into this thing. Six.

“Taylor would love for her mom to meet Tom,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “Taylor is smitten with Tom because he treats her like a real lady,” the source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She loves being treated like a princess, who doesn’t, but he goes out of his way to be a gentleman to her.”


But there’s hope. Thor: Ragnarok starts filming on July 4th in Australia next month all the way until October. So either Selena Gomez will have to add 87 tour dates in Australia or Taylor Swift will have to create a teleportation device that’s also safe for cats.

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