Uber Driver Catches BF Cheating After Driving Side Chick To His Home

I mostly use Uber to get around since I don’t have a car, and ho boy let me tell you: there’s no way in hell I’d ever consider being an Uber driver. Not only are people rude, late and dirty (do you leave trash in your own car? No? THEN WHY YOU LEAVIN’ SODA CANS ‘ERRYWHERE FAM?), but there’s always the possibility I’ll pick up someone I already know – and yes, I am indeed saying I’m a snob who wouldn’t want people to know I drive Uber. My life is already enough of a joke, I don’t need a bunch of drunk fucks puking in my backseat to serve as a reminder.

I have done this to an Uber, and to this day I still hate myself for it.

Unlike me, Twitter user Msixelaa was cool with driving random strangers around in her car – until one random woman was routed to her boyfriend’s house. Why?

Because Msixelaa’s boyfriend was cheating, and this girl was his side chick.

Cue lengthy story told in the form of 140 characters or less:

Msixelaa’s boyfriend even packed some luggage to make his lie look legit. Can’t defend the cheating, but kudos to him for having the forethought to really solidify that alibi in her mind:

Msixelaa continues:

Cue shit starting to hit the fan in 3…2…1…

Once Msixelaa dipped outta there, she went and texted her boyfriend wearing some of the clothes his side chick had left in her car. Oh yeah, Msixelaa drove away with her luggage, because fuck them both:


And in case anyone was wondering…

Yeah, I’d hope so after all of that.

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