US Senator. Ron Wyden Calls Out Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers For Being Whiners

LA Clippers

The tradition of everybody disliking the Los Angeles Clippers continues. However, it’s not just other NBA players calling them out anymore. United States Senator Ron Wyden joined John Canzano of The Oregonian/OregonLive for a radio interview and went on the team for being whiny.  

The Democratic Senator for the state of Oregon talked sports since the Portland Trail Blazers are currently in a best of seven playoff series against the Clippers. 

“Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are tough under any circumstances,” Wyden said. “But for us Trail Blazers fans, the Clippers complain about every call, so I guess we’re going to see that tomorrow night… that ought to be one of the things they talk about in the off-season. It’s just got out of hand. Nobody does that in a pick-up game.”

The Clippers are known for being uber-talented but mentally weak. They notoriously argue every call against them. Last year, SBNation profiled a history of NBA teams displaying a general sense of dislike for the Clippers. 

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have been creating bad blood in the league since 2012. 

DeMarcus Cousins complained that Griffin was “babied” by the league and refs and used his special privileges to get away with taunting other players. Later in the season, David Lee, then a player for the Golden State Warriors, yelled at Griffin to “stop flopping” during play. His teammates would follow suit and also call out Blake for flopping. In 2014, Cousins against expressed issues with the team but this time singled out Chris Paul, calling him a “cheater.” 

Marreese Speights of the Warriors joined Cousins in his crusade against Paul a couple months later.

“It’s not really Blake Griffin; it’s all Chris Paul for real. Chris Paul starts all of that stuff. Before Chris Paul came here, the team was not like that.”

You can read the full list of previous incidents here

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