Warner Bros. Confirms Justice League Snyder Cut Isn't Happening

Since the release of Justice League late last year, there have been a number of rumors swarming the Internet that there is a director’s cut of Justice League somewhere out there. This commonly discussed “Snyder Cut” of Justice League has now been shot down by an unnamed senior executive from Warner Bros. Pictures, who has confirmed that there is no plan to release or even piece together a different cut of the movie.

Zack Snyder has made a number of hints over the past year that there is a finished director’s cut in the Warner Bros. archives. Around the release of Justice League, he made a few tweets hinting that he had plans to release his cut of the movie (specifically, he once tweeted a picture of a director’s chair, and a picture of a cut on a finger). After months of rumors, news swirled around a month ago that Snyder would be working on his cut of the movie on his own without the help of Warner Bros. or DC. But that was later said to be false by people who worked closely with the director when he was still attached.

Previously, both Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad received extended cuts on Blu-Ray, with Batman v. Superman‘s “Ultimate Edition” being Snyder’s own three hour cut. Fans were rather disappointed with the fact that Justice League did not receive the same treatment. It would seem that Snyder was trying to appease these particular disappointed fans with his announcement and show them his vision for the movie after he was allegedly fired from the project and replaced with Joss Whedon.

The comment from the anonymous representative from Warner Bros. Pictures seems to shoot down these rumors. While people connected to Justice League have previously clarified that there was no completed “Snyder Cut,” and that Snyder was booted from the project before they could develop his vision any further, the comment from Warner Bros. clarifies the situation even more. Not only is there no finished director’s cut of the movie, but there aren’t even any plans to complete it. While a finished Snyder Cut would certainly please a number of DC fans who were disappointed with Justice League, it’s understandable that Warner Bros. wants to stick to their decisions for the movie.

A separate source connected to Warner Bros. has discussed that the studio regularly refers to the alleged director’s cut as “the magical Snyder cut that doesn’t exist.” Based on everything we have heard, there was surely a good reason why they never finished the Snyder Cut. Warner Bros. wouldn’t have allegedly let Snyder go and have reshot a good portion of the movie with a different director had something not been seriously wrong with Snyder’s version of the movie.

While this revelation from the Wall Street Journal shouldn’t be too surprising, all things considered, it is still likely disappointing to a number of DC fans. Though releasing a Snyder Cut could surely make Warner Bros. some serious cash, based on the amount of online discussion the topic has received in recent months, it is likely for the best that the director’s cut does not see the light of day. Perhaps the rest of the DCEU will be able to continue smoothly after the disappointment of Justice League last year, and that the work of Zack Snyder won’t permanently hurt the franchise.

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