What's The Average Penis Size? Women Guess Smaller Than Men Guess

It turns out that women are not the ones most preoccupied about the size of a man’s penis – chances are, it’s the owner himself. A new study by Dr. Ed has revealed that men estimate the average length of the penis as longer than what women guess, and they also figure the ideal penis length as longer that what women suggest.

According to the international survey, women from around the world agreed that the ideal penis size in a partner would be 6.2 inches. However, men determined that the ideal penis size to have would be closer to 6.5 inches. Women perceived the average penis as being around 5.4 inches, while men figured it was closer to 5.6 inches.

The study also determined that the majority of men are satisfied with the size of their penis – 14 percent of those polled indicated that they were “very satisfied,” while another 44.5 percent claimed to be “satisfied.” And with good reason – just 11.2 percent of women polled claim that penis size is “very important,” while the vast majority either believe that it’s “somewhat important” (67.4 percent) or “not important” (21.4 percent).

As for whether penis size has an effect on either increasing or reducing a man’s confidence in bed, the majority of respondents claimed that their penis size had no impact on their sexual self-esteem (59.4 percent). Around a quarter said that their penis size increased their confidence, while 15.8 percent reported that the size of their member lowered their confidence.


Source: Dr. Ed

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