Where Does Zac Blair's Putter Incident Rank Amongst All-Time Boneheaded Behavior In Sports?

Zac Blair

Professional golf has seen some pretty boneheaded moves over the years that have resulted in players being disqualified from tournaments (Padraig Harrington forgetting to sign scorecard, etc). Until Friday, no PGA golfer had ever been disqualified from a match for breaking/bending a club over their own head, but, 25-year-old Zac Blair was able to become the inaugural golfer to accomplish the boneheaded feat. 

After missing a putt on the fifth green at the Wells Fargo Championship on Friday, Blair struck himself in the head with his putter in frustration, bending the club. Blair proceeded to finish the hole with the bent club and after noticing it was bent, approached a rules official at the following hole. Blair was then disqualified from the match under Rule 4-3b, which states that a player may not use a “non-conforming club.” Had Zac Blair not used the putter and tapped in with a pitching wedge or nine iron, he would have been allowed to finish the match as long as he did not use the bent putter. But, he did not, and because of that, his day ended early on the fifth hole in utter embarrassment. 

Blair took to Twitter just before noon on Friday to address the issue and apologize, citing that his emotions got the best of him.

Obviously a very dumb and boneheaded move on the part of Zac Blair here. It’s going to be a long time until he lives this one down. What makes this little incident even more embarrassing is that Blair seemingly doomed himself by approaching the rules official on his own. Had Blair not decided to address the issue, he may have been able to get away with it.

It’s good to see that Blair realizes how dumb the mistake was and that he isn’t rebelling against the ruling (you don’t have much say on a matter when you boneheadedly smack a golf club on your head). It’s also good to see that Blair is already having fun with the matter on social media. 

However, despite Blair’s positive attitude and ability to make light of the matter via social media, this incident still ranks high amongst some of the all-time self-inflicted gaffes in sports history. Is this situation as boneheaded as Bill Gramatica’s knee self-destructing in celebration?

Probably not.  

Or Brandon Stokely slapping an official?

Again, no. 

However, this disqualification of Zac Blair on Friday is certainly going to reign as one of the dumbest things to ever end a player’s day early, whether disqualification, ejection, or injury.

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