Whiny Students Force College To Censor Music In Order To Protect 'Safe Space'

Freedom of speech of college campuses took another hit recently. Action Bronson was scheduled to appear as the headliner for Trinity College’s Spring Weekend 2016, but outrage among whiny students obsessed with safe spaces and political correctness forced the event’s organizers to cancel Bronson’s show. Organizers totally backed down citing a Change.org petition with more than 1,200 signatures that deemed Bronson’s presence on the campus “an endorsement of violence, specifically against women and minorities.”

In a lengthy Facebook post, the Trinity College Barnyard Entertainment group explained why they backed down. “We took the petition, ‘Remove Action Bronson from Trinity College’s Spring Weekend Concert,’ which was published on Change.org, and the views expressed in the comment section very seriously. They were some of the most important factors in our decision to remove Action Bronson from our campus,” read the post, which was signed by the group’s president, vice president, and executive board.

The group’s leadership not only surrendered to the whiny students, but they blamed the whole ordeal on a suggestion made by its booking company. “As a committee, we take responsibility for that mistake. We’ve taken the steps to improve EAC Barnyard’s process in choosing artists for future events,” the post continued.

The group almost invited Bronson back “with the addition of a legal addendum, which would forbid Action Bronson from performing any songs that went against the College’s mission,” but eventually relented to “overwhelming concerns” that “the very act of bringing him to this campus runs counter to the College’s obligation to protect the emotional and physical safety of its students.”

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