Why Chicken-Obsessed Husband Drove 870 Miles To Get KFC For His Wife

A Canadian man went to extraordinary lengths to prove his love for his wife of 15 years, although many people might find the couple’s idea of romance quite unusual. Mike Hovak Johnston drove nearly 870 miles in order to pick up the perfect anniversary present for his wife Angela: 15 buckets of chicken from KFC.

The reason behind the questionable gesture was born at their wedding reception in far-flung Kugluktuk, Nunavut. Mike had begged Angela to have their wedding at their hometown of Yellowkinfe’s annual spring carnival’s talent show, hoping the stunt would earn them the first-place prize of two plane tickets.

Angela quickly shot the idea down, but felt guilty. Instead, she let Mike serve 500 pieces of KFC at their wedding, his other outlandish idea that was made possible since the fast-food chain sold them frozen chicken in bulk.

The couple, as well as their three children, have enjoyed fried chicken on their anniversary ever since. This year, the unthinkable happened: Yellowknife’s only KFC had closed down, seemingly signaling the end of their 15-year tradition.

But Mike did not back down so easily. “During March break, me and my son got up early one morning, drove 700 kilometres, picked up 15 buckets of KFC and drove 700 kilometres back — in one day,” he told CBC News.

This time around, the store would not sell frozen chicken, claiming that all their products were made fresh. Mike, Angela, and their children made do with the 15 buckets and considered their time – as well as the roughly $480 spent on chicken and gasoline – well spent.

“We have to keep traditions alive,” Mike insisted. “Fifteen years. Why stop now?” 

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