Woman Loses Job After Sexy Lesbian Photo Discovered Three Years Later

A Long Island woman who was poised to accept a seemingly great job offer was turned down after would-be employer Consolidated Edison ran a background check and discovered something controversial in her past.

Samantha Chirichella, 26, claims that she was turned down for a $70,000 per year gig as a staff investigator for the company’s Legal Services department due to a racy pic on her Instagram. In it, Chirichella poses nude with another woman, lips around her exposed breast.

According to Chirichella, the picture – which was posted three years ago – originated as a favor to a photographer friend and was eventually displayed in a gallery.

“The work was no more sexually explicit that the works of DaVinci, Titian or Michaelangelo, and less explicit that photos published in Sports Illustrated,” Chirichella’s lawyer, Arthur Schwartz, said in court papers obtained by NY Daily News.

She believes that the company actually rescinded her job offer because of her sexual discrimination. In the comment section on the picture, a person asked Chirichella whether she is a lesbian, to which she replied affirmatively.

New York law considers sexual orientation a protected class when it comes to hiring practices, forbidding companies from refusing to hire otherwise suitable applicants on such grounds.

Con Ed has yet to confirm or deny the allegation. “We are reviewing the matter now,” a company spokesman said.


Source: New York Daily News

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