Woman Refuses To Return $30K Ring To Fiancée After Dumping Him!

If you believe in “love at first sight” you are confusing “love” for lust and the desire to bone some chick you just met. That is clearly what happened to a poor bastard named Philip Langer of Manhattan whose fiancée broke up with him. And while his judgement might be poor, this wealthy dude dropped an insane thirty thousand dollars on an engagement ring for a woman he met only three months ago. Damn, most guys haven’t even farted in front of their girlfriend after three months.

They look so happy, what happened?

Yet the 45 year-old Lang popped the question to his would-be bride Ashley Jai Chesler in that short amount of time. Wanting to impress his new acquaintance this real romantic went out and ordered a custom 2.52 carat diamond ring featuring 34 rubies and 55 smaller diamonds. Even Beyoncé was like, you need to tone it down a bit, bro.

Would you give this to some hook up from the bar?

“Surprisingly” after taking the ring and saying yes Chesler broke up with Lang shortly thereafter. The woman made off with the pricey jewelry and is now refusing to give it back!  Lang is now taking her to court and says the law is on his side.

Maybe she was concerned about marrying a dude after dating for only three months. They probably didn’t even ask each other their “number” yet.  However, back in the day people used to get married before they even had a chance to meet one another. The marriage couldn’t be that bad. If he is willing to blow $30K on a stupid ring, what other fun ways would he waste his money on her? Regardless, she took the ring and thereby accepted his marriage proposal. No wedding, no $30K ring, right? That is the way it works, lady!

On the other hand if this guy was stupid enough to drop that kind of cash on a gal he barely knows, maybe he deserves being taken to the cleaners?

So who do you think is wrong here: the douche that dropped $30K on some broad he just met three months ago or the woman who was given the ring and won’t give it back? Take the Break Poll!

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