‘Wonder Woman’ Made $223M In 4 Days

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman


According to Box Office Mojo and the site I took the below blockquote from, Wonder Woman will more that likely double its $149M production budget by the end of the week. Somewhere right now, men with Nazi haircuts are crying.

Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman defied expectations to take $100.5 million in the United States, £6.18 million here in the UK and $222 million worldwide, a record for a female-directed film and the sixth highest non-sequel superhero debut ever. With a budget of $150 million, Wonder Woman is also the costliest film ever directed by a woman.

I’m not gonna turn this into some militant SJW post, but if you can’t realize why this could be a huge deal for some women, then you’re probably just an asshole in your daily life and nobody really likes you. Like, I’ve seen Batman’s parents die four times in four separate movies. Let’s move on. Wonder Woman kicked ass in the movie, but I hope she’s saving her strength for the sequel which will be her biggest fight of all: arguing in the comment sections of Thought Catalog and Teen Vogue articles that say she’s a bad role model for women because she represents unachievable body and fighting standards.

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