Wooden Puzzle Book Will Twist and Dazzle Your Brain

In what might be one of the coolest applications of laser cutting, joinery, puzzles, writing, and bookbinding, [Brady Whitney] has created the Codex Silenda — a literal puzzle book of magnificent proportions.

[Whitney] had originally conceived the idea of the Codex for his senior thesis research project at Iowa State University, and the result is something for almost everyone. On each of the Codex’s five pages lies a mechanical puzzle that must be solved to progress to the next, while an accompanying text weaves a story as you do so. These intricate pages were designed in SolidWorks and painstakingly assembled from laser cut wood. Breaking the fourth wall of storytelling by engaging the reader directly in uncovering the book’s mysteries is a unique feat, and it looks gorgeous to boot.

Codex Silenda UprightOur minds are wired for puzzle solving and storytelling, and this coupling of the two is evocative of an almost childlike wonder of both. Truly, the Codex Silenda is a work of art.

If a puzzle book is not compelling enough for you, check out the puzzle desk that will leave you mystified.

[Thanks for the tip, Itay Ramot!]

Codex Silenda Maze Puzzle


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