Worker Discovers An Abandoned Piano At A Recycling Center & Then This Happens

Piano Player

A video of a British man playing a piano at a waste and recycling center in North East England has gone viral.

Max Sinclair recorded Glen Akenclose over the weekend as he sat on an old washing machine and played the instrument while wearing his bright colored uniform.

Thousands of people have viewed his performance on social media, and a campaign to save the instrument from the landfill has since been started, reports A group called “Save The Howdon Piano” was also created on Facebook.

The video was taken in North Tyneside.

One person commented: “Don’t know why someone would tip [dump] it! Give it to charity at least!! Beautiful instrument.”

Another person, who obviously knows the piano player, added: “Hahaha glen your ment to be working not playin piano lmao.”

Who else loved playing the piano? Prince.

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