Would You?! A Mermaid Or A Reverse Mermaid?

In a new column on Break we are asking you a simple question: “Would Ya?!” For today’s quandary we ask you the good reader to decide on a question that has plagued seamen for centuries. Would you have sex with a mermaid?

That sure is a fine piece of tail.

Let us assume for a moment that mermaids of myth and lore are real and are indeed biologically half woman- half fish. This brings up a lot of questions. Would you bang one? How does that even work? While a mermaid might not have human genitalia, what else are we working with here? What if her upper half was DTF, would you be? Are mermaid nipples really in the shape of starfish?

Well, we know this guy’s choice.

If getting a little “howdoyado” from a half fish lady ain’t your thing, would you consider relations with a REVERSE MERMAID? Yeah dude, I bet you never thought of reverse mermaids. “Wait, that’s a thing?” Yes, that’s a thing. Reverse mermaids have the top half of a fish and the bottom half of a human woman. Score! Now the only thing you have to worry about is getting her pregnant, and carrying your merbaby abomination to term for all the world to KNOW WHAT YOU DID.

Also it’s not like it is bestiality. Or is it?! So… time for the Break Poll:

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