Years Later This Family Noticed Something Real Creepy In Their Easter Photo

Creepy holiday photos are the best, especially those bizarre vintage ones showing nightmarish costumes from decades ago of what was actually acceptable to wear in celebration of whichever holiday. But this one family photo isn’t so much creepy because of how the Easter bunny looked. It’s creepy because of what the family noticed years later staring back at them. Or who was staring at them rather.

What looks like a very normal photo of a brother and sister on the lap of the Easter bunny, the family who has had the photo for some time now finally realized this pleasant memory is actually now a little creepy. Why? Because you can see the man’s eyes who was wearing the Easter bunny costume staring at the camera.

Really ruins the magic of having your kids sit on the “Easter bunny’s” lap. Now they get to have the pleasure of staring at the eyes of a stranger who held their children on his lap for a few minutes. They do background checks on these people, right? If you’re hoping so, don’t read this article about how a register sex offender was hired to be the Easter bunny at a local mall.

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